Robin van Persie – Top 10 Goals 2012-2013 Full HD

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  1. 99 volley accuracy

  2. 99 volley

  3. Wtf? goal vs west brom

  4. Goal vs west brom ???????

  5. netherlandssoccer

    If anyone want’s a new RVP top 10, made 2013. Here is one I made from his entire career:

  6. Jonah Hottinger

    oops lol got the #1 rite the free kick was impressive but the others are standard. persies world class and he has way better goals to choose from

  7. Jonah Hottinger

    got the # 1

  8. awesome goals

  9. fuck the pinky devils !! YNWA FROM BRAZIL !!! SANTOS FC <3 LIVERPOOL <3

  10. Tairy Hesticles

    because he wanted to win something…

  11. Footballbuds DazCazRaz

    Good goal’s

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  13. *you picked about 6 of his shitest strikes

  14. Absolutely shite choice of goals, he scored what 30 goals and youn

  15. When we won league against aston villa I went with a season ticket on my birthday 😀

  16. Who can score ROBIN VAN PERSIE

  17. Nice vid, awful choices, goal 8 should be much higher, his 2nd goal vs Kluj away should be in there somewhere as well.

  18. My lord #1 is the best goal I have ever seen in my life. How hard it is just to volley a ball like that, out running a defender, and hitting it with that much power and placement. Dang.

  19. Why you leave the Arsenal dude 🙁

  20. THE KING.

  21. I was behind the net for no.1 vs villa, the night we won the league! Atmosphere was immense

  22. daniloimmaginedigitale barz

    great bomber

  23. Daniel Galjaard

    I watch the recap of PSV’s game every week and when our national team plays I watch it live ofcourse :). Strootman’s technique isn’t that good. His main quality, in my opinion, is his superb urge to win. He runs like mad, always determined to win the ball (back). I think you would call him a ‘box-to-box’ player over there. He’s sort of an improved version of Nigel de Jong. Better running & passing. Given his motivation, I think he could reach the top. You need other players to score goals tho.

  24. Strootman is known as one of the hottest prospects in europe. how would you rate him presuming you watch a lot of psv or internationals?

  25. Daniel Galjaard

    Im surprised you even know Strootman. Im from holland so its logical that I know him, but is he known internationally aswel?