Robin Van Persie – All 30 Goals For Manchester United – 2012-2013 – HD

Soccer Online video Score: 4 / five

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  1. good video!!

  2. DutchFootball14

    +MrKuba105000 I guess he took revenge by celebrating last week? :)

  3. When the commentator screams VAN PERSIE!! and he scores and absolutely
    brutal goal who else gets the goosebumps?


  5. Ohh Robin van persiee

  6. hahaha robin ur dream of playing for united is going well isn’t it
    Karma’s a bitch

  7. @JokerFilms7 I think RVP is way better than Lewandowski, but that’s just my
    opinion. about Rooney, I think RVP is better, beacause he can score, but he
    can also pass a defender, and can better keep possession and defend than
    Rooney, who is an fantastic player as well

  8. DutchFootball14

    Put the song names in the description ffs. PLZZZZZ!

  9. rafattacksable

    best striker in the world at the minute

  10. why he leave Arsenal ?

  11. Diego De schuyter

    please lukaku video

  12. ليه تحدف المقاطع , رجعها ارجوك !

  13. I really respect RVP for his goals,but the truth is: Lewandowski is by far
    better. And I think Rooney is the betetr too,without him,RVP would be
    nothing. Only my Opionion.

  14. amazin

  15. Can someone tell me the second song? He probably said it somewhere but I
    can’t seem to find it


  17. RVP ♥ SAF ♥ MU ♥

  18. can you do another wayne rooney video? and plzzz use the song Hall Of Fame!
    it sounds amazing and just matches rooney. plzzzzzzzz

  19. levan natroshvili

    Gr8 Job KaiiZo dude im big fan of yours i and of Wazaas and MUs fan top of
    everything listen dude if u want i can help with making videos also )) if u
    want know some graphic progs well vegas after effect etc etc )))

  20. bg kaiizo la musique passe super bien jtrouve

  21. Trịnh Minh Tuấn

    What is the name of the 2nd song? Thank you

  22. Air PLane shooting stars

  23. Magic Player!!!Kaiizoo The Best Maker!!!

  24. Stanisław Wadołowski

    Well done on the video, commentary + music is always the best

  25. Amazing vid Kaiizio! I know you had a Messi video up on your previous
    channel, but i was wondering if you could make a video of Messi from young
    age to 2013?