Neymar Vs Real Valladolid 2013 ● Individual Highlights (Home) HD 720p

Soccer Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Naymar is the best and messi

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  3. fenomeno neymar santos santos

  4. Luciana Anderson

    wtf languaje :s

  5. And you call yourself a football fan. lol

  6. Diving in football is sh*t and I see what you are saying, but Neymar
    genuinely does get fouled, A LOT! When you’re travelling at the speed he
    does when dribbling and doing his skills, it’s easy to get knocked off
    balance and that’s why players try and get away with sly little pushes on
    Neymar hoping the ref won’t see. It’s good to still have players like
    Neymar in the game, players like that seem like a dying breed in our
    English game these days.

  7. mosthandsomelatino

    u know messi has nr 10 right?

  8. Pass the ball Neymar pass the ball… see how easy its .. sigh

  9. ROFL

  10. esas si eran faltas O’_’O 😀

  11. mosthandsomelatino

    its different situations he must have changed shoes later in the game

  12. jealous …

  13. Thályta Boaventura

    my neymar <3

  14. diving is part of the football culture and it has been around forever stop
    your nonsense, is just hating by people that cant find a fault to his game
    so they bring the diving up

  15. Wait, so a top player cannot be overrated? You’re the one that doesn’t make
    any sense. There’s no denying that Neymar is a top player but the question
    is whether or not he is gonna be able to live op to the hype. Very few top
    players can do that

  16. Those things can both be true…

  17. HOW IS IT 2:22 why do Neymar have orange shoes and then at 2:28 yellow?

  18. Neymar has records of diving, so the opponents are trying to provoke him..
    They cannot take that Neymar is so fast and ridiculed them on many
    occasions, so they keep kicking him to stop him from running. It might look
    like a slight touch, but bear in mind they are wearing SG studs, can be
    really pain if got stepped on… Great that Neymar ignore them and carried
    on showing who is the boss..

  19. 01:10 Tis is a pk in Brazil, In England, In Italy, in Germany, Argentina
    even in Tinkbaktu

  20. You can’t be serious…

  21. please, don’t try to speak english if you are just going to butcher it. by
    the way, i was complimenting busquets, you moron.

  22. Funny if you don’t like Neymar that much what brought you here loser?

  23. I has o come from an English loser …the biggest joke in the football

  24. Jorge Bittencourt

    Hi Jealous guy. Just one more envy hater on the block

  25. Haters, calm down. What are you guys trying to prove? If on picture is
    worth a thousand words, one video is worth one million. Give merit where
    merit is due. As much as you try, you won´t accomplis anything. The video
    is very clear. Neymar is a sensational player that provoke anger , envy and
    hatred from mediocre fans who do not have a life and do not know how to
    appreicate a great player. It is quite obvious that this guy by the name
    WANGERSPHORIS has a compulsive obsessive disorder.