Jun 15

Belgium wants a reimbursement if the 2018 World Cup isn’t hosted in Russia

Investigations are taking place regarding Russia and their bid to host the approaching 2018 World Cup. A number of FIFA executives have already have already been arrested due to claims of corruption which ultimately even forced SeppBlatter on stepping down from his presidential role.

FIFA executives have been arrested but more investigations are being done and depending on what the FBI manages to find, it will be decided if Russia launched a clean bid to host the 2018 World Cup and even the 2022 World Cup is being investigated as well.

Belgium made a joint bid along with Netherlands to have the rights to host the 2018 World Cup but it was awarded to Russia, however, if scandals and bribes are discovered in relation to this bidding process and selection of hosts then Belgium has requested that they want compensation for their failed bid.

The Royal Belgian Football Federation (KBVB) wants compensation if Russia does not follow through as the host for the upcoming tournament and this repayment is in the region of around $5 million.

Francois De Keersmaecker is the president of the KBVB and he stated what he and his committee will do if further fraud is discovered. Continue reading →

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Mar 15

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Villarreal Home (01/03/2015)

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Mar 15

World Cup in New Zealand will showcase Best Talents

The upcoming under 20 World Cup in New Zealand will be showcasing the best talent from around the world and African teams are being well equipped than ever to win the title according to Ghana coach Sellas Tetteh.Tetteh is in charge of the Ghana under 20 team.

A lot is expected from this team given that the national team is yet to win the Africa Cup of Nations after having seen a number of their rivals like Nigeria and Ivory Coast lift the title in recent years. The Ghana National team had a surge of young talent of two years ago with the likes of Michael Essien coming through.

However, this appears to have disappeared in recent years, as Ghana do not have a global star like they once did.Tetteh is given the responsibility of moulding a team that will be part of the senior team’s future. As expectations raise about African teams being able to win the World Cup title,Tetteh feels that a natural progression would be to lift the World Cup under 20 title for the moment and then focus on the senior title the years to come. Africa has not reached the semifinals of the World Cup in recent years. Continue reading →

Feb 15

Lionel Messi – 10 Best Records Ever | HD

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Jan 15

Lionel Messi vs Atletico Madrid (Home) 14-15 HD 720p By LionelMessi10i

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Jan 15

Football Association related to Series of Bribes

Controversies and doubts are some of the elements which pops up when FIFA is being talked about as the football governing authority is consistently being related with a series of bribes which have been recently and the latest one is regarding the upcoming 2022 World Cup which is going to be held in Qatar.

When Qatar was officially selected and revealed to the public as the country where the 2022 edition of the World Cup is going to take place, a number of FIFA officials were accused of corruption and even stated that Qatar was allowed to outright buy their way into the tournament as the hosts. Continue reading →

Dec 14

Lionel Messi Want To Wish You A Merry Christmas

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Dec 14

Increasing Racism in Football is main concern

Recently, there has been a number of increasing cases and incidents concerning racism in the world of football. This is something certainly not new but it has been growing with players and fans being called racists and sanctions have been made.

One of the recent sanctions that were awarded was towards CSKA Moscow as the Russian club was forced to play their Champions League match against Manchester City on an empty stadium. This punishment was given to CSKA Moscow due to the racist behavior of their fans.

The Russian side was also sanctioned with a fine of €200,000 as well as being banned from selling tickets to their supporters for certain matches.

Racism is one of the possible issues that fans and football figures are taking into consideration but the FIFA disciplinary chairman Claudio Sulser stated that Russia will be punished if their fans display any behavior or actions related to racism.

“It’s a situation we have to deal with. It’s very critical and not easy to decide over but we have to see what the responsibility of the association is.We cannot sanction the association if they are doing something which is fair or ethical from their point of view, but you cannot forget about the situation. You have the society, then you have the people who come into a stadium and people do not change because they are in a stadium. It’s a problem of the society and it’s correct to sanction an association for these attitudes.” Claudio Sulser said as he outlined some of the potential problems that could arise in the 2018 World Cup.

Racism is just one of the many problems that are being analyzed and taken into consideration in relation to the upcoming worldwide football competition but all of the executives and authorities of FIFA including the president, SeppBlatter remain optimistic and are envisioning Russia to be an ideal place for the 2018 World Cup to take place in despite all of their issues with Ukraine and many other issues.

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